World Youth Festival

In 2015, Summer Universiade was held in Gwangju.
To celebrate the Universiade, Gwangju held various festivals.

World Youth Festival was one of the festivals DNA Design Studio participated.

This is Dong-Jin Kim. He wants to be a famous entertainer.
He likes hip hop music. He has participated in many audition program but he didn’t get a good result. However, he is very passionate about his dream!

On the top left papertoy’s name is Hunger. He works as a part time at the convenient store. He eats the instant food at the store so he has pimples on his face.

On the top right papertoy is the only woman character of youth paper toy series.
Her name is Sae-rom Jeon. When she wakes up, she eats a piece of bread.
Then she quickly gets ready to meet her boyfriend.

On the bottom left papertoy’s name is Dae-in Jang. He is a succeeded youth chef.
After failing to get a job, he opened a small Chinese restaurant.
He made his special recipe which made customers to visit constantly.

On the bottm right papertoy’s name is Jin-sang Lee. He doesn’t have any energy to get a job. Although he slept for 12 hours, he looks tired. He concerns about how to get a job.

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