Spookiz Papertoy

Spookiz is the horror slapstick comedy  animation.
They wake up at the empty elementary school and spend their school life.These monsters have their own classes at the school.

Zizi is a zombie character.
Although she came from a poor family, she always smiles. 

A long time ago, Frankie was created by a smart scientist teacher.
He is silly but kind so he is famous among he his friends. 

Kongkong has a dual personality.
His complex is a short height, so he wears a big hat.

Ggaebi likes freedom and change. He is always energetic.
He likes to trick his friends and make them fall in trouble. 

Kura is a dracula. He is very showy around his friends.He makes fun of his friends because he wants to be more closer with them.

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