Bae Gwiyeong Coloring Book DNA Design Studio published the Bae Gwiyeong Coloring Book. Bae Gwiyeong is an artist who is suffering from the illness. She draws girls and flowers and DNA made her artworks as a coloring book. It also contains the girls illustration post cards. You can color and decorate them as you want! We hope […]

Bird Sticker Coloring Book This is a special coloring book. It is a sticker type of coloring book which contains harmonious low-polygon artwork of 12 birds and botanical art that does not require a coloring tool.

Paper Hunting Trophy DNA Design Studio considered about the endangered animal.The rhino, elephant, and deer are getting extinct graduallybecause people caught them to get their horns. Instead of real animal hunting trophy, we designed the paper hunting trophy. Let’s save the animal and decorate your room with these paper hunting trophy.

Strawberry To-fu and Son To-fu Introducing Strawberry To-fu and Son To-fu!They are worried about their tofu because it can break easily. Sometimes, people ask if Strawberry To-fu is a watermelon.Nope! She is actually a strawberry.