Spookiz Papertoy Spookiz is the horror slapstick comedy  animation.They wake up at the empty elementary school and spend their school life.These monsters have their own classes at the school. Zizi is a zombie character.Although she came from a poor family, she always smiles.  A long time ago, Frankie was created by a smart scientist teacher.He is silly but […]

World Youth Festival Papertoy In 2015, Summer Universiade was held in Gwangju. To celebrate the Universiade, Gwangju held various festivals. World Youth Festival was one of the festivals DNA Design Studio participated. This is Dong-Jin Kim. He wants to be a famous entertainer.He likes hip hop music. He has participated in many audition program but […]

Strawberry To-fu and Son To-fu Introducing Strawberry To-fu and Son To-fu!They are worried about their tofu because it can break easily. Sometimes, people ask if Strawberry To-fu is a watermelon.Nope! She is actually a strawberry.

The Big Issue X DNA Design Studio The Big Issue is a magazine that helps homeless people to become independent. They sell the Big Issue magazine on the street so they could earn money. These sellers are called as ‘Big Pan’. DNA Design Studio collaborated with the Big Issue and we made Big Pan papertoy. […]